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Autism Spectrum Defense

Jean Brandl has represented numerous adults and youth in the criminal justice system who are on the autism spectrum. If you or someone close to you has Asperger’s or autism and is charged with a crime, there are a wider variety of defenses available than for people who are neurotypical. Jean Brandl understands the unique issues facing people on the Autism Spectrum and has the experience and knowledge to find an effective resolution to your problem. She has litigated numerous criminal cases involving people on the Autism Spectrum, works with experts who can help you present your unique circumstances, and has successfully found numerous alternatives to incarceration for her clients. She will either prepare the case for trial or work to create a plea agreement and sentence fitting your specific needs. Jean works hard to help prosecutors, judges, and probation officers understand that jail or prison can be dangerous or even deadly for a person with Asperger’s or autism, and works with them to reach a just resolution for all parties involved.